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Are you thinking of booking your holiday? Look through the questions, that are frequently asked and send us an email.

If you thinking of having your dream wedding in Greece, you often already have a place in your mind. Most can be arranged, its a little papperwork before. The easiest way as a Swedish citizen, is to have the ceremony in the Swedish church in Greece. Then the party can be arranged at your dream island or place. There is several beautiful beaches to arrange a wedding at, maybe you can have your own wedding officiant with you. There is many different way to attange this, so dont hesitate to contact us. We have contacts in place. Send an email, we will do everything to make you satisfied and guide you to the perfect wedding planner.
We are many who find it convenient to charter trips, it feels safe and you will be taken care of. But it is becoming more common to travel regular, to destinations there charter wont go. Dont hesitate to try! There is so much to explore and very exciting. On our homepage you find all information about the airport, ferries and train in Greece. About rent a car in Greece, we personally recommend it. Its a way of exploring the hidden places in Greece, to find the unexplored beaches and small villages. If there is any questions about this, just email us.
We behind GoToGreece has driving to Greece since 10 years. We fly between aswell, but when we spend so much time in Greece its nice to be free to see as much as we want and visit our relatives. Drive through Europe could be very demanding, but also totally fantastic. This is a way of discover Europe in a totally different way. What you should consider is to have insurance paper of the car and insurance paper for your home easily accessible in the car. You need the Green Card  for driving thrue former Yugoslavia, you get it from the insurance company and you need your passport. Have this papers together easily accessible, when you drive through the borders. Its better to be safe, have a car you trust so you dont risk to be standing somewhere.

Curious how we went and what we recommend? Check General Information, Roadtrips on the page. If you have any questions, just email us.

We are a Swedish – Greek family that has been almost all over Greece and we want you to explore the real Greece. We have a wide network of contacts in Greece, as well as family and friends. We speak several languages as Greek, Swedish, English and some Finish. We want to share with you that little extra in the form of various activities, genuine places interspersed with history from our own experiences. At GoToGreece we will guide you to the perfect organizer there you can book the activities that appeal to you, for a successful holiday. If you just want a relaxing holiday in a luxurious hotel, we will guide you to the perfect organizer where you can book your dream stay. We have been looking up the different activities, such as visiting a local production of olive oil and tasting procedure.