Drive to Greece

We really recommend to drive to Greece. We used to fly before, but got curious about driving through Europe. We had heard some terrible stories about robbery, fake gas stations and more. We was looking for information about driving in Europe, but couldn’t find so much. Then we decide to try anyway and now we have drive through Europe since 2006.

The only thing is that you have to organize more and have your car in very good shape. The trip from Sweden to Athens in Greece, is 3000 kilometers. You have to make sure that insurances for the car and your self is in order. You will need the “Green card” for passing through some countries and to have some private health insurance is very important as well. When you finally have sort all this things together, its just the funny part left. The holiday begins!!!

We don’t recommend to far runs in one day, you very easily get tired of driving at autobahn. Have a goal in front of you and book a hotel before leaving. Its better to rest and have fun on the trip. For us it takes three days to Athens from Sweden, then we stay for two nights in hotels.

Important to know

When you drive through some countries, there is roadtolls. You have to account for at least 60 euro, one way. Be sure to have euro coins on you, its better to pay in cash at the roads but there is an option to pay with creditcard aswell. We have done that to, with no problems.

Never stop and sleep in the car, at hidden unsafe places. Its better to stay at the gas station, with lots of people and trucks. Lock the doors and be careful. Stop driving if you feel tired, its better. You have to be observent at the roads in Europe. We have sleept in the car aswell, for a few hours. But i cant recommend it, its not the best way.

Driving through thoose countries, you need to have:

  • Green card ( like an insurance card) you get it from your insurance company

  • Insurance ( Maybe included in the home insurance)

  • Insurance of health ( in case you need medical treatment)

  • The most important! Don’t forget to have fun