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By car from Sweden to Greece

Day 1

We start early morning from south Sweden, for our drive to the ferry in Helsingör in Denmark.

There is several different ferries to Denmark, the tour only take 15 minutes. There is a bridge from Sweden to Denmark aswell. To drive in Denmark take about 2 hours and then you reach Rödby. Rödby is the destination for ferrys to Germany, Puttgarden. The ferry takes about 45 minutes. When you go from Sweden you can by a combinated ticket for both ferries.

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Finally we arrived in North Germany. Autobahn you reach after a few miles and after that the traffic is perfect. You have to be observent, the traffic goes very fast.

We usually book hotels before leaving home. We have learned of our trips, that to drive without a goal is very tiring. There is no point to rush, you need to pausing frequently.

This route we had booked a hotel in Leipzig, in Germany. Perfect to stop and get some rest. Can really recommend the Hotel Hiemann. We did reach the hotel at 21.00, so we had been on the road since 12 hours. Time to sleep!

Day 2

After a lovely breakfast, we was on the road again. The destination was Croatia and Zagreb. We had already booked a hotel, because we know that the roads take time. We want to drive through Serbia and Fyrom (Macedonia) at daytime. We also drive through Linz in Austria and Slovenia.

In Slovenia and Austria, you have to buy a vinjett. Its a ticket you put at your car window, like a toll. If you not have this, you could be fined. So before you enter Austria, make sure to buy ticket at the gas station and the same to Slovenia.

The hotel in Zagreb, Croatia was Hotel Calypso. Its a lovely, fresh family hotel and they are very service minded. This hotel is very well located to the big roads. We did reach this hotel after 10 hours driving and they are open 24 hours. Time for sleep again !

Day 3

This morning we went very early, our destination today was Greece. We know that the borders in Serbia and Fyrom could take many hours. Its not rare with 2-3 hours and a little chaotically situation sometimes. But when you finally come through, it only take 2 minutes.

The roads in Serbia is very good and there is no problems to drive, make sure to follow the speed. There is two Mac Donalds on the way and we always stop here because its easy to axcess.

When we start again there was a truck cross the road and cue again. When we finally reach Nis in Serbia, suddenly the wind become very strong and we end up in a terrible weather. It was raining so much, so we could not see. The speedlights was everywhere and destroyed trees, it was an hurricane. We could only drive in 20 km speed, because we didnt see the road. This trip usually take 3 hours, this night it took 7 hours. The terrible weather did not stop, until we reached Fyrom.

Finally after many hours in the car, we did reach Greece 02.00 at night. I think i never been so happy, for a very long time. The hotel we had booked before had hanged our key at the door. We usually stop for 1-2 nights in North Greece on our way down to Athens. This tour took us 17 hours, from Zagreb.

When you go by car in Europe, there is always best to have booked somewhere to sleep before. Otherwise, stop early at night and start looking for hotel. If you have children or get to tired, its not so fun start looking for somewhere to sleep..