Aegina Island

Aegina is just a lovely, still genuine Greek island and thats what i love about it. Its like a big town in a smaller version. At Aegina it has been population, since 3500 year Bf.C and there is lots of history here.

The island is very green and you can fell the lovely smell of pinetrees everywhere. Aegina has an everyday greek life feeling and lots of greek from Athens come out for the weekends and holidays. Its an genuine Greek island and not so much tourist, which i really like. Because when you go on holiday, i guess you wanna feel the greek feeling !

Aegina is not an big island and the best way to explore it, is to rent a car or motorbike. Its easy to go around the island. There is of course bus and taxi, but dont be afraid to explore the island on yourself. Aegina is also an island to backpack on, amazing nature and lots of places to explore. Watersport is also an option here.

You can find a lots of historics monastery and churches here, some of them really old. Paliochora the ancient village is another, must do to your list. Temple of Aphaia, lay on the top of the hill and looking out over the sea. So beautiful and just magic. Thats another, must do.

On the island they grow pistachio nuts and very good ones to. They are famous for there nice fistiki (pistachio) and you find them everywhere on the island. Every year in september there is a festival on Aegina when they harvest the nuts. You can try pistachio nuts in every way i guess. These pistachio is the best i think and every summer i buy 10 packages with me back home. Where i buy them, they are pure fresch and still warm.

You very easily fall in love with Aegina and we are many tourist coming back year after year. There is something magic with this island and very relaxed feeling. That i like so much is the nearness to the mainland. You very easily take you where you wanna go. You could also take a daytrip to Poros, Hydra , Spetses or Agistri from Aegina.

When you arrive to Aegina with the big ferry, you come to Aegina town. Its so beauty this little harbour. Yachts with small fishing boats, side by side, restaurants and bars on the mainstreet and the beautyful old town with lovely architecture.

Just sit down, order a frappe ( icecoffee) and look at people, enjoy the atmosphere and let the holiday begin.

Aegina is an old town with small streets and old houses, very beautiful. There is lots of shooping and restaurants here. The city is very charming and fun to explore, here the greek family lives and you really feel that you are in Greece as it should be. Fishmarket is just at the mainstreet and very popular, the fruit seller at the port also.

Here you still will found the old greek men sitting in the cafe, playing tavli (backgammon) and drinking greek coffee. Lots of greeks have summer house on Aegina and in august it could be very crowded on the island.

We felt in love with this island for many years ago and return every summer for a couple of weeks. I guess you gonna understand why, if you come here. If you looking for the real Greece, genuine and still have close to Athens…. then this island is perfect! But if you looking for party 24 hours, then its not this island you should choose.

Welcome to our personal paradise!


The population today at Aegina ‘s , 14000 year round. The largest city on the island is Aegina Town. There are some villages on the island, which is inhabited. In Aegina there is a hospital and a medical center. In Aegina you have the largest ferry traffic. There is supermarkets, bakery, pharmacy, banks and cash maschines so you have all you need.In Aegina Town you had a lots of different ferries or boats, if you wanna go to other islands on a daytrip or maybe to Athens. From Agia Marina in summertime there is also a ferry, Alexandros who goes directly to Athens. There is also a boat from Souvala, few days a week that takes you to Athens.


Do you like history! Then you wont be disappointed about what Aegina offer. The island has some special domains in mythologi and history.

The name Aegina pursuant mythologi was taken from the most beautiful of the 20 daughters that Asopsos( watergod) had. There is proof that Aegina had population since, 3500 B.C. Aegina had a strong economical growht and socially grow 900 tears Bf.C. Already at 480 years Bf.C they maked the first coins here and for the whole Greece. In more modern time Aegina was the first capital city in Greece, 1827 – 1829.