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Timetable to Aegina /Agistri

The Greek islands Aegina and Agistri are located next to eachother and the only way to get here is by boat.

When you have arrived in Athens, you have to go to Piraeus Port. There is Metro and train directly from the airport to Athens center and Piraeus.

For ferry to Aegina/Agistri go to Gate 8. Buy ticket in the harbour, there is no ticket on board.

There is Flying Dolphin and the regular ferry. Flying Dolphin is faster and you will be in Aegina in 55 minutes. The regular ferry take 1,5 hour. Personally i like the regular ferry, but we usually have the car with us to the islands. But the feeling to sit up at the deck, breathe sea air and let the holiday begin. There is a snackbar on board.

Flying Dolphins

Aegean Flying Dolphins

Tour: Piraeus – Aegina Town

Tour: Piraeus – Aegina Town – Agistri

Time: 40 minutes

Price for a one way ticket: Adult € 13.00 and € 7.00 for children


Hellenic Seaways Dolphins

Tour: Piraeus – Aegina Town

Tour: Piraeus – Aegina Town – Agistri

Time: 40 minutes

Price: €13.50 adult and € 6.75 for children



Agios Nektarios

Tour: Piraeus – Aegina

Time: 95 minutes

Price: €8.50 adult, € 4.50 children and € 20.00 for cars


Hellenic Seaways Ferries

Tour: Piraeus – Aegina

Tour: Aegina – Agistri

Time: 65 min

Price: Adult € 9.50, children €4.80  and € 27.50 for a car


Nova ferries

Tour: Piraeus – Aegina

Time: 65 minutes

Price: €9.50 adults, €4.90 children and €27.60 for a car


Alexandros Ferry

Tour: Piraeus – Souvala – Agia Marina

Time: 60 minutes

Price: €11.00 adults

Piraeus – Souvala: 60 minutes

Souvala – Agia Marina – Piraeus: 90 minutes


Agistri Express

Tour: Aegina – Agistri / Skala & Milos

Time: 10 minutes

Price: €5.50 adults and €3.00 children





07.20      07.25       09.30

09.55      09.50       12.30

Saturday :

09.00    09.05       11.30

Sunday NO boat


There is several to choose between, they are all in Aegina town at the port.

Tour: Aegina – Agistri

Tour: Aegina – Piraeus

Any suggestions about different tours,ask the capten.

Telephonenumbers for watertaxi

Jamaica Taxi (+30) 6944 535659

Christos (+30) 6974 976900

Takis Watertaxi (+30) 22970 91387,6972 229720

The price for a single journey to Agistri from Aegina Town, is from 30 Euro daytime.