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High up on the hill with view over the villages you find Metochi. This village has some of the oldest houses on the island. Agistri is famous for the pinetrees, the smell is just lovely. There is also lots of wild herbs and flowers. Metochi is perfect if you like to hike and see the nature. Its very peaceful up here and you have an amazing view.

Milos (Megalochori)

Megalochori is the official village at Agistri. Milos is not a large village, but a cute one with alleys and very old houses. In the center of Milos you find some tavernas and bars. At the lovely little alley down to the sea, you will find some great hotels with seaview.

Milos has a harbour that is connected with Flying Dolphins, that takes you directly from Piraeus to Agistri. The journey only takes 45 minutes.


From Limenaria you have a spectacular view over the islands around and the sea. The village has no hotels or bars, its just a lovely old village which is so beautiful and genuine. There is a church called, Agia Kyriaki. Dont miss to stop at the little taverna in the village, there is real Greek food and its very popular.


Skala is the islands tourist village, there most of the hotel is located. The center has lots of restaurants, bars, cafe and some shopping. The sandybeach is from the port of Skala and through the center. Family with children love this beaches.

Skala has an unique combination of romantic quiet places and lively bars for thoose who like that. The tavernas you find would serve you really fresh fish, Agistri is famous for their nice Octopus. When its on the barbeque, the smell is just lovely.

Skala has the arrival port for all ferrys from Piraeus to Agistri and also the islands own Agistri Express. Flying Dolphin only stop, at Milos.


Skliri is just in walking distance from Skala port. In stead of walking straight right from the port, you go left. The village is hide with all the green pinetrees, and you will have the beautiful coast right here. There is a combination of private houses and hotels. Skliri is famous for their high class restaurants and amazing seaviews.