Hydra is a paradise for hiking. You will find several eltz to hike at. On your way there is picturesque old houses and the monastery of the prophet Elias where you have an spectacular view. Temperature at Hydra is pleasent all year around and the landscape is varied. The most beautiful time of year, is of course the spring.

When you are at Hydra, there is no long distance so you very easily walk around. There is donkeys for rent, if you prefer that. To come to the beaches, you can go by taxiboats from the harbor in Hydra.

Link: www.hydradirect.com/travel-information/transport-on-hydra/taxis

Hydra is an island for relaxing and to enjoy the beautiful nature. There is several artists who have get their inspiration from Hydra.

When it comes to hotels, you can stay from basic to luxury. The prices is little bit more expensive here, then other islands. To make sure to get a hotel, book in time.

As the islands next to Hydra, Poros and Spetses is there only one village at the island. At Hydra its, Hydra town. Most curcuits around the beautiful harbor and in the small alleys. Coloured fishing boats to luxury yachts, is in the harbor side by side. At one side of the harbor, there is a parking space for donkeys. The harbor promenade is filled with tavernas, bars and shops. Its a wonderful area to sit down and eat, watch the sunset and enjoy.

Hydra is different from the other islands, there is no real roads on the island and all motor traffic is forbidden. So, Hydra is a paradise if you like it quiet. The only cars with motors here are the carbage trucks. Instead of using car or motorbikes, they use donkeys, boat traffic or trailer for goods transports and tourists.

Hydra has 3000 people living here and there is no airport at the island. To come here you go by ferry from Piraeus in Athens, Ermioni or Porto Heli at Peloponnesos. Hydra belongs to the Saronic islands and is very close to mainland Peloponnesos.

Link: www.rome2rio.com/map/Piraeus/Hydra-Island

Hydra is not only famous to be a quiet island, but also for the beauty architecture in Hydra town and of course for all the famous people who had stay here. One of them was Leonard Cohen, who moved to Hydra in the early 60s.