Lefkada is a beautiful green island, located at Greece westcoast. There is only a small waterchannel between the mainland and island. The bridge take you and the car over. The capital town of Lefkada is Lefkada town, located at the north side. Several charter fly to Lefkada and the airport Preveza, its only 1 hour away.

Lefkada is located between Korfu island and Kefalonia island. Lefkada offers you beautiful beaches. The most common villages for tourists are Nidri, Sivota, Nikiana, Agios Nikitas and Lefkada town. Nidri is the most common tourist resort and its located at the east side of Lefkada.
The east coast its also very popular for sailors. Lots of Scandinavians have their boats in Lefkada. The west coast at Lefkada is stunning beautiful, views are amazing. You will find the best beaches from here.
There is no sightseeing at Lefkada, tourist come here for the nature and the lovely beaches. Since you very close to Parga and Kefalonia, its perfect for a daytrip visit. Lefkada Town is very beautiful, the classic old houses with all small alleys and great shopping. In Lefkada Town you will find lots of taverns, bars and cafes side by side. Why not sit down, with a nice drink or a coffee!

Scorpios – Onassis famous island

We at GoToGreece recommend to go to Scorpios with some of the day cruises from Nidri. Scorpios island was very popular for Onassis and today he is buried here. They will not let you to go ashore the island. There is still people working at the island to keep it nice. Today the island is rented out to a private person.


Lefkada measures 35 kilometres (22 miles) from north to south, and 15 kilometres (9 miles) from east to west.  (Greek: Λευκαδα, Levkáda) is an greek island in Ioanioan sea and one of the islands belonging to Ioanian island outside greek westcoast. The island is 325 km and has around 21 000 inhabitants. In ancient times the island was called Katharevousas.

The area of the island is about 302 square kilometres (117 sq mi), the area of the municipality (including the islands Kalamos, Kastos and several smaller islets) is 333.58 km2 (128.80 sq mi). Its highest point is the mountain Stavrota, 1,158 metres (3,799 feet) above sea level, situated in the middle of the island.

The east coast section of the island has small resorts of Lygia, Nikiana and Perigiali, all north of Nidri, the largest resort on the island.

It is set in a sheltered location with views across to Skorpios (formerly owned by Aristotle Onassis), Meganisi and other small islands, as well as the Greek mainland. The main coastal road from Lefkada to Vasiliki runs through the village, although a bypass has now been completed which skirts the village to the west. There are regular car ferries to Kefalonia, Ithaka and Meganissi.

Lefkas is connected to the Greek mainland through a long walkway and a floating bridge. 

The city of Lefkas, with about 10,000 inhabitants, is located on the north of the island just 20 minutes from Preveza Airport. Centrally located in the city is a pedestrian street and a marina. From Lefkas, buses go to Athens

20 kilometres (12 miles) south of Nidri is the resort of Vasiliki, a windsurfing center. South of Vasiliki is Cape Lefkada, where the Greek female poet Sappho allegedly leapt to her death from the 30 m high cliffs.

The famous beach of Porto Katsiki is located on Lefkada’s west coast. Lefkada was attached to mainland Greece (see below about Homer’s Ithaca being Lefkada). 


The island has a typical Mediterranean climate: Hot summers and cool winters, especially in the mountains.

Rent a boat

Lefkada island is perfect to get around with your own boat. Find yourself a private beach and enjoy your packed lunch in privacy.

Arranged boat trips

There is severals organized boat trips from Lefkada, especially from Nidri. Pack your bag with suncream and maybe lunch and have a great day at the blue sea.

Rent a car

Rent a car and explore Lefkada. Personally i recommend it, we always have a car in Greece. Its the best way to know Lefkada island. Drive to beaches and villages up in the mountains or Lefkada town. Its perfect if you would see Parga to. There is lots of car rentals in Lefkada.

By bus or train

Link: www.rome2rio.com/map/Athens-KTEL-Kifisou/Lefkada-Greece

To get around Lefkada

To get around Lefkada you can almost go everywhere with the bus. The best way to explore Lefkada is by car, to see the whole island. For those who wanna rent a bike or motorbike there is several rentals.

Link: www.ktel-lefkadas.gr/en/1942-2/