Mykonos is a very beautiful island in the Cyclades.

It’s no wonder it has been popular among the jet set and people around the world for many years. It offers a rich sophisticated nightlife, high quality, beautiful beaches. Small beautiful streets and excellent shopping as well.

There is a wide selection of hotels of different class, most of them in very high class.

Mykonos is the smallest island in the Cyclades, but certainly the most famous.

Mykonos is an island in the Aegean Sea. It belongs to the Cyclades and is a popular destination for sun worshipers.

Some of those objects had been found during archaeological excavations on Delos and Rineia have gathered in a public museum in the city, but most have gone to Athens.

Mykonos has its own international airport. The city also has two ports, among other things, receive cruise ships and ferries to other Greek islands as well as to nearby Delos.

Local buses run between Mykonos town and beaches.