Rhodes is one of Greece’s most popular destinations, and rightly so. Here the sun shines over 300 days a year and there are plenty of attractions and things to do.

Rhodes is therefore a destination that fits the classic beach holiday, but also for those who want to combine sun with activities and excursions. In short, Rhodes has something to offer all types of travelers. If you like sun and swimming, then you should not miss a visit to the beautiful beach of Tsambika. Swim in the crystalclear water of a natural beach that is not lined out for many tourists. Rhodes attracts most travelers and is very popular with families.

The different resorts on Rhodes

Rhodes Town

The largest city on the island and also the resort tourist most go to. The city itself is divided into a new part and an older part. In the new part is charter hotels scattered. In the old part is the old town and all local areas where local people themselves live. Rhodes has two beaches, Elli Beach, and Windy Beach. It is also here that the Scandinavian bar street is and it is from here that most boats operate. Restaurant The range is large and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from in various price ranges.


A cozy little village on the southern part of the island. Here is including the Acropolis temple and two beautiful beaches with crystalclear water. Lindos is a quiet little village and for those looking for complete relaxation.


A lively resort located between Rhodes and Lindos. Previously, this was a well-known party places among Britons and Russians. Nowadays, however, cleaned up Faliraki, and although there are bars and nightclubs there, so it is much more family friendly today. The beach here is of golden sand and stretches for about 4 km. Restaurants are plentiful. While boating and water sports.


A cozy little tourist town that primarily attracts families and divers. In Kallithea you can found  Rhodes best diving center and there is also great snorkeling.


Ixia is located west of Rhodes and is what you could call a classical charter resort with resorts and hotels that have nightly shows and kids clubs under the day. Are you traveling to Rhodes with children Ixia is a good option. On the pebble beach you can try kite surfing and windsurfing.


A quiet tourist town is somewhat remote. It is primarily families residing in Kolymbia and for those looking for peace and quiet Kolymbia is an excellent choice. Kids Clubs are available and the beach is very nice.

The old town

As soon as you set foot inside the majestic walls, you feel the atmosphere change. It’s a bit like going back in time as you wander around among the old historic cobbled streets and all the narrow alleys. There are plenty of charming cafes and cozy restaurants serving Greek cuisine. Here you will also find many souvenirs and local crafts.


To go to Greece, but not to experience the ancient heritage is a bit like going to Rome without experiencing the Roman heritage. In Lindos stands an ancient temple remains at the top of the village. Acropolis The temple is one of Rhodes’s most popular attractions together with the old town.

Grand masters palace

In the old town stands the old palace of the Grand Master of the Knights. Nowadays you can walk around and look at all the different exhibitions of old equipment knights, swords and other objects.

Monolithos Castle

Do you like history? Then Monolithos Castle maybe something for you. The castle, however, is in the middle of the island on the western side and it takes a while to get there, but if you appreciate history, it might be worth a visit.

Olympic stadium and Acropolistemple

In Rhodes is another Acropolis Temple, although not as well preserved as in Lindos. But there is also an old Olympic stadium that could be worth checking out if you like history. These attractions are located up in the mountain area


Local bus

To go by bus at Rhodes is actually both smooth and simple. The bus goes all the way from Rhodes to Lindos in the south and even further than that. They go often and it only costs a few euros to go. The only downside is that they can sometimes be delayed.

Link: www.rome2rio.com/map/Rhodes/Rhodes


Compared with Sweden’s Taxi its cheap, especially if you are more people to go. But if you plan to travel around a lot, it’s better to go on a guided tour or rental car. From the airport to Rhodes, a taxi about 25 euros.

Car rental/moped

Plans to do a lot and go to several places, rental car or scooter is the best choice. Renting a car is cheap and easy, as well as with the moped. There are also no long distance when you go with your own car. You also get the freedom to go where you want and stay as long as you want in different places.

Boat trips to Marmaris or Symi and Tilos

Did you know that Marmaris in Turkey is only an hour away from Rhodes? Boats leave several times a day from Mandraki. In Marmaris are cozy markets, a hammam bath and of course Turkish food. A boat trip to Marmaris is ideal as a day trip. Another gem is Symi, which is a small idyllic Greek island. Tilos is another small beautiful island that also goes to boats from Mandraki.

Waterland in Faliraki

Are you traveling to Rhodes with children, or also like adventure? Then the waterpark in Faliraki is for you. For this is one of Europe’s largest water park and there are a number of slides to entertain themselves with. If you are not as happy to bath yourself, but have children with, so is there plenty of room for sunbathing and top up your tan while the kids entertain themselves. It is easy to get to Faliraki via the local bus or taxi.

Link: www.water-park.gr/en/

Daytrip to Siánna

Do you long for a genuine Greek village in the mountains? Then Sianna is a place for you. There are few tourists who find Siánna, but oh so beautiful and nice. Sit down at the local tavern, talk to the locals and buy with you locally produced honey and drink Souma. Most people who live in Sianna still live a very traditional life.

Butterfly valley

Like green areas with thousands of butterflies? Then the Butterfly Valley for you. The easiest way is to get here by rental car or guided tour



Rhodes finest sandy beach without a doubt. Here awaits golden powdery sand and crystalclear water. The beach is remote and there are no resorts nearby. This also means that there are not as many tourists here as in some other beaches. At the top there is also a beautiful old monastery, which offers a fantastic view. And do not be surprised if you walk past a couple of mountain goats on the way down to the beach. The easiest way to get to Tsambika is via rental car or moped. But there is also bus stop where you turn towards the beach.

Anthony Quinn Bay

According to Rhodes many fans, this is the finest beach and beautiful is without doubt. Crystalclear water in turquoise and green color is always great and it is just what to expect on Anthony Quinn Bay. Here you can snorkel and enjoy a great day of sun and swimming.


Faliraki beach is actually underestimated and this is something that suit everyone. The golden sandy beach is about 4 km long and along the way there is everything from quiet places with no sun loungers to lively places with music and water sports. In the part closest to the center are also several restaurants along the promenade with sea views. Eating breakfast in Faliraki is a perfect start to the day.

Lindos Beach

Like to snorkeling? Then St Paul’s Bay in Lindos, are good place to go. Even for swimming and sunbathing. Although there is always a lot of tourists here,  its almost feels like you are alone because it is so beautiful and peaceful. One should not miss a visit to the Lindos beaches when you go to Rhodes!

Oasis Beach

If you would rather go to the beach with some tourists, are Oasis Beach is a good choice. The atmosphere here is relaxed and from the mountain they play reggaemusic from their reggae bar that is carved into the rocks. Here you can jump from cliffs or just enjoy a secluded beach that most do not get to. If you’re hungry, there is a restaurant serving Greek delicacies from the sea.


Luxury foos in the old town  (swedish owned)


Cozy restaurant in the old town


Very good and cheap food at the street of restaurant in Rhodes town

Villa di Mare

Excellent food

Klima Lindos

Very cozy restaurant in Lindos

Manolis Tavern

Greek food in Faliraki

Kostas Village tavern

Homely Greek restaurant

It’s always fun to find your own restaurants when traveling, but above restaurants are safe bets that always delivers good food and friendly service


Flight time from Arlanda (Stockholm)

  • About 4 hours.

Tap water

  • It is okay to drink the tap water. Many dont like the taste.


  • 220 wolt and you can use the same as you do in Sweden.


  • About 150 000 inhabitants.

Average temperature

  • May-June: 24-28 degrees.
  • July-August: 30-35 degrees.
  • September-October: 24-28 degrees.

Price level

Approximately prices at the restaurants:

  • Lunch: 5-10 euro.
  • Dinner: 10-20 euro for main course.
  • Coca Cola: 2 euro.
  • Beer (50cl): 2-3 euro depence on what kind.
  • 75 cl vine: from 15 euro.
  • Water: 2 euro.
  • Large pizza: 8 euro

Prices in the stores

  • Coca Cola: 1 euro.
  • Beer: 1 euro.
  • Water: 50 cent.
  • 75 cl vine: from 2 euro.
  • Gyros: 2 euro.
  • Vodka 1 liter: 10 euro.
  •  Cider: 1,50 euro.
  • Cigarettes: 3,5 euro for Camel Click.


  • Euro is the currency you use. There are plenty of ATMs in Rhodes and it is therefore unnecessary to change larger sums in advance. Some are worried that ATMs are not working properly in Greece, but there has never been a problem for tourists to get money. Payment is accepted in the larger shops, hotels and restaurants.