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Katerini, North Greece

Katerini is a town with 62 000 residents, in north Greece. Katerini is located 100 km from Thessaloniki.

Its a popular tourist destination, when the sea is just beside the town. There is some archeological sites here as ancient village of Dion 5000 bf.C and located 17 km from Katerini town. Castle of Platamon high up on a hill, looking out over the sea with a stunning view is nearby.

Beaches Korinos, Paralia and Olympiaki Akti is very popular to greek people and international tourists.

Base of Mountain Olympos and village Litochoro is in 20 km distance from Katerini. If you wanna drive up to Olympos, its no problem. The road goes quite high up on serpentine roads. Where the road ends, you find a small restaurang with coffee and snacks. The view from here is amazing. Maybe you are gonna climb Olympos and explore the mountain? They say its a amazing excursion and in clear wheather you will even see to Athens from the top.

We personally have stayed in Katerini several times on our journeys, do we go by car from Sweden. We have stayed in, Paralia Katerini a typical tourist area. There is lots of bars, shopping and restaurants. Its nice for some days and the beach is just along the whole area.

Katerini town is a lovely city, with lots of shopping if you like that.