Parga is located at Greece mainland, towards the Ioanian side. You get the island feeling at this resort.

Parga is inbedded all in green forest, very beautiful with all the colourful houses in the gulf climbing up the cliffs. Houses seems like they stand on each other, its a very charming village. The village remains on countless white alleys with restaurants and shopping.

Parga is not a party destination, but there is lots of places to be entertaint in. There is lots of Italians here in august, when Italy is just over the ocean. Parga has lots of different hotels, but i recommend to book before. Parga is popular in summer and have lots of returning guests.

To Parga you come by charter, then you land in Preveza outside Lefkada about 1 hour away. You can travel without charter aswell and its very easy to drive to Parga, the roads are fine. If you come from Italy by ferry, its only 30- 50 minutes drive.

Parga has 2400 permanent living in the village.