Most people when they think of Greece, they think  of the islands and white old houses. But Greece mainland has so much to offer, especially historically. Peloponnesos is amazing beautiful and all the villages and  town has their own charm, the beaches are silent and calm. There is no mass tourism here, which i think is just great.

Peloponnese mains of high mountains and deep valleys with an incredible green forest and the blue sea infront of you. Its so beautiful and a pleasure to drive in this landscape. The ancient theatre Epidavros and Olympia, where the Olympic games started you find at Peloponnese. Peloponnese have several monastery to visit and lovely beaches, this is the genuine Greece.

Monasteries in southern Peloponnese

These wonderful monasteries that pop up here and there, you just have to visit. Most of them are amazingly beautiful and is still inhabited today. A very peaceful place and experience. Time has stood still at these places.

These monasteries shown here is from Corinth to Epidavros and along the way. They are inhabited with nuns and you must respect the upholstery. You can borrow clothes to conceal the shoulders and legs. Usually they have some sort of sales of fine icons and crosses. Very beautiful and tranquil place.