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Nafplion is one of the prettiest village, i have been to. Its so beautiful and the architecture is stunning. There is small streets with beautiful houses and all are surrounded of the blue sea.

The city of Nafplio was the first capital of the modern Greek state. Named after Nafplios son of Poseidon and home of Palamidis, their local hero of the Trojan war and supposedly the inventor of weights and measures, lighthouses, the first Greek alphabet and the father of the Sophists.

Old Nafplion is very much remind of Plaka in Athens, with the beautiful old buildings. Nafplion is full of restaurants, cafes, hotels and great shopping. The beach its only 10 minutes walk, from city. Nafplion is only 2 hours drive from Athens. They grow orange in Nafplion, because of the mild winter. There are many ways to get to Nafplion. Its an easy drive from Athens now that the higways to Corinth have been completed. The road is very easy to drive at and you can go from Athens to Nafplion in 2 hours drive. You can also take a taxi. The road to Nafplion at Peloponnesos is stunning beautiful, with the high mountains and blue sea.

There is also a train who takes you to Corinthos, and buses from Athens Kiffisou street station. If you are in the Saronic islands, you easily take you to Methana at Peloponnesos..When you are at Nafplion, why dont stay and see The Ancient theatre Epidavros ?