General information

On this page you will find information about the greek language to holiday information and celebrations in Greece.

Greek Language

The greek language is as they say, typical greek ! Its not the easiest language to learn, but few phrases is helpful to know and facilitate your stay in Greece. Here is a few of the most common phrases and the local people gets very excited when you appeals to them in their language. Try to say, Kalimera in the morning which means good morning and maybe Tí kani´s which means how are you?

The greek language you can learn in many ways today, online or in a course. Its not so easy, but have you learned you have come a far way. Good luck!

Here is some phrases to practise before your holiday!

Good morning – Kalimera

Good Evening  – Kalispera

Good night – Kali nichta

Goodbye – Adioa

How are you? – Ti kanis?

Im feeling fine and you?  – Kala esi?

Im feeling fine – Kala ine

Im feeling very fine – Poly kala

Whats your name? – Pos selene?

My name is… – Me lene…..

Im from Sweden – Ime apo ti Zoidhia

I want to pay  – Leroso me parakalo

Yes – Ne

No- Ochi

OK – Endaxi

Thank you – Efharisto

Today – Simera

Tomorrow – Avrio

Night – Nichta

Passport – Diavatirio

One – Ena

Two – Dhio

Three – Tria

Four – Tessera

Five – Pente

Excuse me – Signomi

Water – Nero

Beer – Bira

Greek traditions 

Christmas in Athens

To be in Athens at christmas is a special experience. They decorate a lots and large christmas trees is set up on the big squares. People come out and hang out much more. They even put up special areas with ice so you can go ice skating.

A lot of performances falls with Christmas and especially at the Athens Concert Hall. They sold a lot of sweets, especially around this time and the traditional Christmas cookies Melomakarona, Koulouria and Kourabiedes are very good and perfect with a cup of hot Greek coffee.

Holidays such as Easter, Lent and Carnival

Put on a funny mask or outfit and go to one of all the masquerade party that is organized, two months before easter. Many clubs and bars organise celebrations during this time and the street parades are held in several locations in Athens.

Fly a dragon

The monad after the big karneval its called, Clean Monday or Ash Day. This day its the first day of the lent and the traditions say that this day is the day to fly dragons. You will see lots of families with dragons.

Epitaph procession in Plaka

Come out and enjoy the parade of people that walks with candles in their hands from the churches and through Plaka. Its an amazing light experience before Good Friday.

Enjoy a great traditional greek easter dinner

If you get invited to a dinner at easter time, you have to go. After the midnight mass they eat the traditional soup, Mageritsa and you can also test your luck by egg tapping. Each person should meet the red egg that is hard-boiled and seeing which of the eggs that are strongest.

Try some of the delicious greek sweets

Sweets are something that are in abundance in Greece, especially their lovely cakes and so it is also for Easter time. Visit the local bakeries and experiment. Can recommend, Tsoureki (sweet Easter bread), Kourabiedes (Almond biscuits).

The Lamb

Almost all greeks grills lamb this time at easter and it is attached to a skewer, which may spin for long time. The meat is so tender after that and then its time to eat and we say Kali Orexi ! That means, enjoy your dinner.


When all have been eating its time for the traditional greek dance, very often danced i a circle and to some typical Zorba music. Maybe you have learned from before or just want to learn. So let start and enjoy. This is a dance that is very common in greek weddings.

Greek Holidays

New Years Day

  •  1 January


  • 6 January

This is the day when the sea will be blessed by the priests, who throws in a cross. The young men are to appear in and the one who finds it will be blessed. A very popular celebration where brave Greek men throw themselves into the water all around Greece.

National Day

  • 25 March

A wonderful celebration of the national day with parades of various kinds throughout Greece. If you have the opportunity to be there, so stay and have fun. Learn more about celebrations, under the independence day.

Ash Monday (clean monday)

  • 41 days before easter.

This is the day when the lent starts and they will eat a dinner without meat. The tradition is that go out and fly with dragons and celebrate Koulouma.

Self Independence Day and celebrations of Evaggelismos

  •  25 March.
Military parades. Celebrations, completely different than you may be used to. This celebration is big in Greece, there are people on the streets, Greek flag flies everywhere, school kids parades and some in traditional Greek costumes. The military have their parade that is unparalleled. We celebrated in Paleo Faliro last year, it is the Athens riviera and was very excited to be a part of this.
  • From Good Friday to Easter Monday. On Good Friday they decorate the churches with Epitaph. It is a sacred symbol of Christ. It is a religious practice in which each person holding a lit candle and singing hymns. People are walking the streets and its the night of the resurrection. This is celebrate midnight before Easter Sunday with Fireworks and lighting candles.
  •  On the easter day most of the greeks eat barbecued lamb and celebrating with songs and dance the whole day.

First of May ” Labor Day”

  •  1 May

Flower festival all over Greece where they decorating wreaths and hang on their doors. The tradition is to welcome the spring time and as a symbol to hang this wreath over the front door to the home until next spring.


  • Pentecost is celebrating 50 days after easter.

Holy Virgin Mary’s name day

  •  15 August

This is something that is celebrated widely in the whole of Greece. At some of the Islands, it is somewhat chaotic, especially Tinos considered to have healing powers. People make pilgrimages and creeps up to the cross to be healed. I personally have been on such a celebration, on the island of Aegina. It is a memory i will never forget, if you have the opportunity to visit one of the churches in Greece this day so don’t hesitate.

28 October

  • National celebrating of the ”oxi” ( no) day, that celebrates with military parades.


  • 25-26 December